NanoPhos SA invents clever materials that solve every day problems. By harnessing nanotechnology, we seek to create a functional environment that enables comfort, safe and trouble-free living!


It sounds almost like magic, but the science of nanotechnology leads to the development of materials that have special chemical structures that make them functional. These materials are frequently called “smart” as they respond to environmental stimuli with particular changes in some variables.


Depending on changes in external conditions, "smart" materials change their properties (mechanical, electrical, appearance), their structure or composition, or their functions. Nanotechnology is the new wave of the future that is promising to achieve advances in medicine, manufacturing, high-performance materials, information technology, energy and environmental technologies. At NanoPhos, we craft materials that effectively solve common problems.


We want to see innovations out of the lab and into the hands of consumers. Our vision is clear: “Tune the nanoworld to serve the macroworld” – in simple terms make nanoparticles serve the needs of people.

AGA (International) Private Limited is an architectural construction management and consultancy firm with established experiences since 1989.


It is registered in the Republic of Singapore, with involvements of projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and Middle East.


The Group pride itself as a specialised consultancy that manages Conceptualization of Project Construction and Business Developments in the area of Architecture Designs, Master Planning and Urban Landscaping.


Projects that the group have been involved includes town and city planning, mega malls shopping design consultancy and project mangement, hotels, industrial parks, upgrading projects, conservation, developing of franchising business and developing of new business potentials.