Quality Policy


NanoPhos SA develops and produces materials following the strictest international standards adhering to quality specifications that satisfy the most demanding users.


The company pays special attention on ensuring the quality of the final products, certifying all procedures and production process. Certification plays a significant role for the company’s progress in the worldwide market as it requires strict criteria and thorough quality control of its products.


All production processes follow international quality standards. NanoPhos SA applies ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001 Certificate), and the environmental management system 14001:2004 (ISO 14001 Certificate) for the:

development, production and sales of chemical products for cleaning and protection of surfaces and nanotechnology products.


The adoption of these systems prove the company's concern about continuous product and service improvement. Quality for NanoPhos means respect for the customer and serving customer needs in the best possible way. Providing reliable and high-quality products is a matter of quality assurance and continual improvement of all procedures.