SurfaPore C is a water-based formulation: just apply it on existing surfaces. Create an invisible water repellent that shields against moisture, surface cracking, freeze threat & mould! SurfaPore C nanoparticles have been specially engineered to deeply penetrate and shield the microscopic pores of surfaces. While water and moisture are actively repelled, materials retain their ability to “breathe”. SurfaPore C makes your surfaces moisture-free and therefore hinders mould or mildew growth and eliminates freeze threat.

SurfaPore R protects your clay surfaces from water penetration. Ceramics and roof tiles are effectively protected from deterioration and from the unsightly “greening” of mould growth. SurfaPore R preserves the aesthetics of your clay surfaces while protecting them against water and ageing. Due to their unique nature, SurfaPore R was designed to exactly “fit” the structural and surface properties of clay based materials. After applying SurfaPore R, your clay surfaces repel water and can remain dry even after rain! Protect your roof tops and favourite clay based surfaces from “greening” and getting mouldy!

Staining of marble, granite and porous porcelain tiles can be disastrous for these valuable surfaces. SurfaPore T creates an impermeable and invisible shield by blocking even the finest pores of these surfaces. Microscopic analysis of marbles, granite and porcelain tiles surfaces reveals multiple interconnected pores that readily collect stains. Subsequently, these surfaces lose their shine and become discoloured. Cleaning them requires significant effort and some stains are impossible to remove. SurfaPore T can be easily applied on your existing or new surfaces and preserve their appearance.

Stains can destroy your valuable marble, granite, stone and cement surfaces. SurfaPore M not only protects these surfaces from stains, but also makes them oil and water repellent. Microscopic analysis of marbles, granite and stone surfaces reveals multiple interconnected pores that readily collect stains, resulting in loss of shine and natural appearance. SurfaPore M coats the pores of your valuable surfaces, without changing their appearance and enables them to actively repel oil based stains. Therefore, a dual effect is achieved: Passive protection by dressing the surface of pores and active oil repellency.

SurfaPore W was developed based on the unique properties of wooden surfaces. A combination of active ingredients repels water without changing the natural appearance of wood. It can be applied as a primer before the application of varnish or any other coating. SurfaPore W provides excellent dimensional stability even in the most humid environment. It actively repels water, blocking the decay of your favourite wooden surfaces. Very versatile and easy to apply, it does not contain insecticides or preservatives but the active dehydration of the core of the wood makes it resistant to deterioration.

SurfaPore W

Water repellent for protecting wooden surfaces


SurfaPore T

Stain protection for marble, granite and absorptive porcelain surfaces


SurfaPore C

Water repellent for cement, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stones


SurfaPore R

Water repellent for clay based surfaces - roof tiles, cotto & pottery


SurfaPore M

Oil, Water, and Stain protection for marble, granite, stones and cement